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4 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Paper: Technology (Part 4)

This is the final post in a four-part series examining how students can avoid plagiarism in their written work. So far, I have covered the importance of a clear paper trail, citing as you write and giving credit to words and ideas. The final tip for avoiding plagiarism is to look to technology to provide peace of mind before you submit your paper. If you have any concern that you may have missed a citation or you have to submit the paper to Turnitin, it may be worthwhile to first check your paper for plagiarism with WriteCheck (disclaimer: I work for Turnitin which is the creator of WriteCheck).

WriteCheck scans your paper against the Turnitin databases and returns results that details what text in your paper was found to match the content in the databases. Once you have the results you may then exclude quoted and bibliographic material from the report to see if any text not within quotes or your bibliography is found to match content in the Turnitin databases. Don’t worry WriteCheck does not store your paper in a database.

The consequences of plagiarism can be severe; from failing a class, suspension, to getting kicked out of school. So make sure you take the proper steps to avoid any form of plagiarism in your papers.

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