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Plagiarism check: Better to be safe than sorry

Podcast featuring:Denise Barnes Undergrad student at Kilgore College, Texas Working on a Psychology Degree

Listen to Denise’s story (1:39 minutes):

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"My name is Denise Barnes. I am a freshman at Kilgore College in Kilgore, Texas. I am working on my Psychology degree. I graduated high school in ’84. Other than getting my paramedic certification, this is my first time back in school. Of course, back then you typed everything. You had to find everything in the books and all that. And truthfully, as a high schooler, I didn’t understand plagiarism. I didn’t understand the importance of not plagiarizing.

On any paper that we write, we have to use Turnitin.com. Last semester when I was looking over the website, I found WriteCheck. I used it (WriteCheck) for one of my papers and ended up with a 97 on that paper. I have to credit a lot of it to WriteCheck because it caught some of my errors – forgetting to use notations, passive phrases and stuff like that I’m still learning to catch.

Even if it’s accidental on your part, your instructor or the institution might not realize or see that it’s actually accidental. It’s better just to be safe than sorry. It’s better to go ahead and check, make sure you’re not plagiarizing, than to just go with it and then get caught and have your whole college career go down the drain.

This semester, when we start writing again, I will get every paper checked. I will be taking English Lit and Psychology classes. So, on anything that I write, I will be using WriteCheck."

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