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Weekly Writing Tip #4 - Descriptive writing

It’s all in the details: Descriptive writing

Okay, this is where the artist in you gets to paint with words! Anyone who has ever read a Victorian novel or a Stephen King book knows the significance of details. It his book, It, King’s description of Pennywise the Clown has inexorably changed the way I feel about clowns. I have not been to the circus since I read the book in 1993.

Use the senses to describe. How did the room smell? What sounds could be heard from outside or from the other room? Could you almost taste the bread baking in the kitchen? Was the fabric on the settee soft or rough? Was the room dusty or filthy, or was it fresh and clean?

Use vivid words. Instead of writing “the dog,” write “the stately Great Dane.”

Add feelings to strengthen the mood: “The anxious elderly woman reluctantly opened the door.”

Details, details, details: They are the key to descriptive writing that will leave a memorable impact on your readers.


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