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Writing Tip #21: "I can't use Wikipedia?"

Writing Tip #21: Is Wikipedia a Reliable Source to Cite Information?

No! You cannot use Wikipedia as a source! Virtually anyone can edit a wiki, so they cannot be considered scholarly sources.

If you like some of the information that you find in Wikipedia, look at the bottom of the wiki page and find the references. Search those references for the information that you need. Scholarly sources include peer-reviewed articles found in ground and online libraries and website content written by experts. The time spent finding a reputable source is worth the effort. Don’t risk a low grade because you were trying to save time. If you choose to use a website as a reference, look for who created the site or who wrote the material that you want to use. Does that person hold a master’s or a doctoral degree? Is the website connected to a university? If it is a business website, is the creator an expert in the field? Does he or she list credentials?

The best sources to use are those found in a ground library or an online library database. Check with your college or university librarian for available usage. Your academic integrity is important, protect it!


Finding Reputable Sources

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