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Plagiarism: Learning the Hard Way

A Master’s degree student’s journey to understanding plagiarism through the help of online plagiarism checker software, and her rise to the Dean’s List and Honor Society

Featuring: Theresa Moore: Kindergarten teacher finishing up her Master’s degree at Ashford University

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Plagiarism: Learning the Hard Way | WriteCheck from Turnitin on Vimeo.

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“When I first started out in my Associate degree program, I had no idea what plagiarism was. There was a fine line between saying what was someone else’s work and wording that information into your own words. I just did not get it and I was told that I was plagiarizing a paper. I could not understand because I only used three or four words from where I had seen the information written before. I reworded the paper to what I understood, but by even using three or four words from someone else’s work is considered plagiarism. I had to learn the hard way and by learning the hard way, my class was given a zero. That right there woke me up and got me into reading and looking at programs to help me.

WriteCheck by Turnitin helped me to see where my mistakes where. It was like a light bulb came on and I had an epiphany, and I knew how to read a paragraph or statement and not use any of the author’s work or his words or their words, but use my own and have my own identity in my writing.

Now I really understand the value of somebody’s work. I understand when students say, ‘I’m crunched and I don’t have time and I have to cook and I have to pay bills and I’ve got to get off work and I’ve got to do a paper and they want to take shortcuts. We’ve all been there but it’s just not worth it in the end.

Everything I do comes through this website and the amount of money that I pay for a paper to be reviewed is priceless. It is worth every penny, especially when I come out and I am on the Deans List and Honor Society. I was not on the Honors Society until I started using this website and throughout my Bachelor’s program, I have remained on academic honors the complete time.

I trust it. I trust the whole system. Since the grammatical component has been added….let's just say that in my Masters program and probably into my PhD, I will be using WriteCheck.”


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