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Plagiarism.org Poster Contest - Originality Matters

Hey students! Some cool news: Plagiarism.org has announced a poster contest -- and it is giving away $1,000 for the most creative entry!

With the school term coming to an end, I can't imagine that 1,000 bucks wouldn't make your summer a little nicer. So, here are some tips.

Entries have to portray "originality" and include the words "Originality Matters." What do those words mean to you? What kind of visuals come to mind? (And please don't tell me that it's the word 'plagiarism' with a circle and line through it or a stop sign -- be more creative!) Often when I am searching for graphics to accompany my blog posts, I find many images that symbolize being unique and one-of-a-kind. But, it also doesn't even need to have an image or graphic. Think about how you can use words and letters to encapsulate and depict a message.

Plagiarism.org has asked me to be one of the judges, as a representative of WriteCheck. I'm honored, and really excited to see what students come up with.

You have 2 weeks. So jump start your brains, grab your pencils and mouses, and start drafting. Good luck!

See rules and submit entries

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