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Writing Tip #30 - "What?": Writing Coherently

Writing Tip #30 - Writing Coherently

“What?” You never want your professor to ask this question when reading your paper! I advise my students to read their paper after they have not looked at it for a couple of days. Do the sentences make sense? Does the paper flow from one sentence and one paragraph to another? Have you used transitions? Do you answer any questions that may arise in reader’s mind? Does one idea lead logically to the next?

Your paper should have a specific order. If the reader wishes to review the paper to reread a section, he or she should be able to easily find the part of the paper they need. Each paragraph should only contain the information pertinent to one subject. Also, each paragraph should contain at least 3 sentences. Too many short paragraphs will cause the paper to be choppy. Explore each idea that you have introduced in the thesis thoroughly.

Have a friend look at the paper (one who is a good writer). Take any comments as constructive criticism. Make revisions as necessary.


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