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Ok or not? Copying content that everyone knows


It's time to turn in a lab report, but there are a couple of sections missing! The first thing that many students do is grab their friends so that they can fill in the details of their lab report. In their minds, it isn't cheating because they have already done the hard work—the calculations, the experiment and 75% of the write-up.

Lab reports may often include similar--if not the same-- methodology as others in a class, a study or an industry. But is it a proper procedure to copy another person's methodology if everyone else has? This week’s poll explores whether copying a friend's methodology section is acceptable. Is this OK or not? Voice your opinion in this monthly poll.

Ok or Not? Poll

For a lab report, you copy down your friend's methodology section because it's something that the whole class already knows but you need it for reference. OK or not? 

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