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Ok or not? Not citing facts or definitions


For research papers, students often use facts or definitions to help further their paper's argument and clarity. For many students, these facts and definitions are self-evident or the result of reading class materials.  However, even if certain facts or definitions appear in textbooks or outside articles, students think that it is ok to not include citations for these facts and definitions because they've memorized it or it seems like common knowledge. For example, would you have to cite that 75% of the world is covered in water or the definition of DNA in a Biology class--information that is less common.

This week's poll explores whether students need to cite facts or definitions in their research paper. Is this OK or not? Voice your opinion in this monthly poll.

Ok or Not? Poll

For a research paper, you include references to facts you've learned in class and use a common class definition but you don't cite it because you didn't explicitly use any outside sources. OK or not?

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