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Ask WriteCheck: Academic Consequences


In this month's Ask WriteCheck column, a student asks about the potential of facing academic consequences given that she gave her paper to help someone.

Dear WriteCheck,

I'm suspecting of someone using my thesis paper and pass it as their own in an english composition class. They said they needed help because they weren't sure what an argumentative research paper looked like, so I told them I would show them mine. I come to find out that they used most of my work for their composition class and I was wondering, if I reported this person, would I face any academic consequences?


Michelle H.


Hi Michelle,
I'm sorry to hear about your situation!  Whether you will face any consequences will depend on your institution's policies.  The problem that you would be running up against is whether your institution would view your sharing of your paper as inappropriate collaboration (even if you had no intention of allowing the other person to copy your paper).  You might want to check with your office of student academic affairs to see what your options may be.  The wisest course of action may be to come forward, report this incident, and seek additional guidance before this situation can spiral out of your control.


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