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Ok or Not? Using Another Paper for Inspiration

In the last Ok or Not? poll, we asked if it was ok to submit an original assignment for multiple classes. While 60% of respondents said it was "OK",  22% said it was "Not OK." Another 18% said that it "depends."  In general, submitting an assignment for one class and using that same assignment for another class may violate academic integrity policies.  Therefore, it is best if students get permission from the instructors to submit an assignment multiple times.

This month's Ok or Not? Poll explores the use of someone else's work as inspiration for one's own work. Given that good research papers have many of the same elements that instructors are looking for, like a well-supported thesis, specific examples, organization and clarity and citations, students often seek good papers of the same topic as inspiration for their own work. Is it ok to use someone else's paper as a guide and copy ideas from it?

Ok or Not? Poll
You use another person's essay as a guide and copy ideas for your essay. Ok or Not? 

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