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Ok or Not? Poll: Submitting an Original Assignment for Multiple Classes

In our last Ok or Not? poll, we asked a question about original writing in student assignments. Is it ok to have the majority of the assignment consist of quotes? Kimberly Standifer commented that it is "Not Ok" because students should follow the 80/20 rule of 80% of the paper being original and 20% being quoted. While not a hard and fast rule, the 80/20 rule provides a framework for original writing that students can follow in their papers. In some cases however, a researcher may build upon previous research and discuss existing literature at length. At a certain point, it is up to you to discuss with your instructor what is acceptable. 

This month's Ok or Not? poll explores a different issue around the use of your own essay. Given that essay questions can be similar and you may have previous essays on the same ideas, is it ok to submit your own essay or large chunks of it for comparable assignments across your classes? Voice your opinion in this monthly poll.

Ok or Not? Poll
You submit an original essay you wrote for multiple assignments in different classes. Ok or Not?

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