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Ask WriteCheck: Citations in PowerPoint Presentations

In this month's Ask WriteCheck column, a student asks whether citations are needed on a PowerPoint slide.

Dear WriteCheck,

To prevent a charge of plagiarism, what kind of citations should you use on a Powerpoint slide, especially if the slides are used as a handout? Are the rules the same as on a paper or essay? If you post the Powerpoint presentation on-line, do you need to also post a back-up paper with proper citations as part of the file?
What should I do?
Sharie L.

Hi Sharie,

Great question Sharie! I think a common misconception that students have is that citation practices differ when it comes to PowerPoints. The reality is that students need to incorporate the appropriate citations with PowerPoint slides as they would with papers. As such, for information that students have paraphrased, quoted, or summarized, they would still need in-text citations and a references page. Additionally, one way to handle citations on the slide itself is to include a footnote of the full reference or in-text citation in small font.  If you want to review some additional information on MLA style citation, please visit: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/

Hope this helps!


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