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Written by Beth Calvano, M.Ed., Educator/Writer. Read more of Beth’s articles on herExaminer column.

Developing solid writing skills is imperative for anyone competing in today’s job market. Some college students pay freelance writers to write their papers, but not practicing writing skills can have devastating effects once that student graduates. One of the chief complaints of employers is that many new hires, college graduates, have poor writing skills. This problem costs corporations billions of dollars each year. A recruit who has excellent writing skills will stand-out among the many vying for a corporate position.

Investing time developing writing skills can be as important as developing industry-specific skills.

Businesses spend billions of dollars every year educating employees in writing skills. They consider writing skills to be imperative for employees, but businesses spend as much as 3.1 billion dollars a year training employees to be effective communicators (Quibble & Griffin, 2007). An employee’s skill reflects on the company and directly impacts job performance.  (Calvano, 2010, p. 11)

Students can find help in college writing labs, but help exists in other places as well. The Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to improve their writing skills. The website offers MLA and APA formatting guidelines, exercises, plagiarism avoidance instruction, and basic business letter writing techniques.

Many English grammar and writing skills tutorials exist online.  Search engine investigations will turn-up websites that can help the searcher with general and specific writing needs. Taking advantage of the vast number of free writing resources is a positive recourse. The tutorials can be taken online in the privacy of home and at convenient times. Developing good writing skills will set one apart from the many others in a class or in a work environment.


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