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Ever come across an ad that says: "I can write your paper for you"? Ever respond to one? Hopefully not. There are many perils of responding to these types of ads. This week we received an email from a student about an ad on Craigslist that said the following:

RESEARCH PAPERS, ESSAYS, & SCHOOL ASSIGNMENTS I guarantee that I can complete any High School or College Assignment with the grade you desire for a super low price. I custom make each assignment to guarantee that your teacher will not be able to find your work online!!! Copies of all work can be sent via email, flash drive, or printed directly to you. Contact me....

If you are trying to get ahead, this may not be the best solution.

6 Dangers of responding to online ads that claim to write school papers:

#6. Quality. How can you trust that this ghost writer will be able to write to your level and incorporate what you're supposed to be learning in your specific class?

#5. Reputation. Do you want to risk getting caught and being labeled a plagiarizer?

#4. Predators. Who knows who this person is, really? This could be a front for someone to get your personal information and payment information. Be wary if somebody is offering a service that is unethical.

#3. Plagiarism. Claiming to write original work is one thing. Whether it's true or not is another. Sure, you can always check it against WriteCheck plagiarism checker before you turn it in to your teacher, but if it contains plagiarism, you'll be back to square one of having to write your paper. And short a bit of cash.

#2. Experience. Learning things for yourself provides you with abilities that you will need in the future to succeed. If you always take the easy way out you will never learn anything.

#1. Integrity. Having someone else do your work is unethical. Plain and simple.

Anyone who has ever sat down to write understands how difficult it can be. Most things can be achieved if you put your mind to it. Those that lack determination, ambition and integrity may choose to take this Craigslist guy up on his offer. But that kind of action reflects many other things in that person's life. Take pride in your own accomplishments, and you'll go far.


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