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Writing Tip #24 - How to Create a Title for a Paper

Stephen King said “You cannot hope to sweep someone else away by the force of your writing until it has been done to you.”

Think of the titles that have led you to read a book, article, or paper. Many writers have trouble creating titles. Some authors hold contests and let their readers come up with interesting titles! Since not many people are likely to be interested in a title contest for a college paper, you are on your own! The title of your paper is what your audience will read first. If the title is not appealing, you may lose readers. A dull title may also cause your audience to form a negative opinion of your paper before they even start reading it!

Dissertation titles are notoriously boring, but that is expected. If a fun title does not come to you right away, look for ideas from the ones you know. Remember, make it your own!

For example: “How to choose a cell phone” is a possible paper title, but “Buying a Cell Phone: Don’t Get Ripped Off” is more of an attention-getter.


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