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Four students at the Columbia Journalism School in the M.S. program created a clever and entertaining rap video using the classic book, "The Elements of Style" by William Strunk and E.B. White. Available on Amazon for $9.95, this go-to book about writing has been widely used by students since the 1950's and is required reading in many journalism classes.

One of the creators, Jake Heller, told Poynter that it only took about an hour to write the lyrics, although the concept and other components took a few months to put on the whole thing together. The Huffington Post referred to the 2:26 minute rap video as "a must-watch for all grammar nerds", but anyone who knows anything about writing will be able to find the entertainment in it. "Do not join independent clauses with a comma. But I love it, it’s cool. I don’t care if you wanna." Read all the lyrics on AGBeat.

Watch the rap video on YouTube            


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