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Writing Tip #27: Essay Writing - Using Essay Structure for More Than Just Essays

The structure of writing an essay is useful for many other writing tasks. I encourage my students to use this formula when answering any test questions or questions on job applications. Repeat the question in the answer. This shows that you understand the question. Using this structure also helps you to remain on topic. The sentence that you develop becomes the thesis for your answer. Simply reword the question in the form of a sentence and proceed from there with confidence!

For example, if the question reads: “Reflecting on the reasons for the current economic downturn, which reason do you believe was the most influential, and why?”

The sentence that could be written as a thesis statement is: “Reflecting on the reasons for the current economic downturn, I believe that the most influential reason is that lenders relaxed their regulations on authorizing credit.” You would then explain why you feel that this is the most influential reason.

The formula of rewording a question is a simple one. The practice will help to ensure that you answer the question satisfactorily and in detail.


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