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WriteCheck recently kicked off its first plagiarism checker and prevention newsletter for students, Writing Tips & Advice. The feature story, "Facebook: No Longer Just for Friending," reviewed the details of a recent study by Turnitin that identified the top social networking sites and user-generated web sites that are popular resources for student copying. The study found that one third of all matched content comes from social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Scribd, SlideShare, Yahoo! Answers, Answers.com.

This means students need to make sure that they don't copy and paste from their "friends" on social networking sites and reinforces the need to write in your own words. It's also important to cite correctly and use sources that have merit not only with your friends but your professors as well.

Aside from several other tips and articles that hep students with their writing, the newsletter also included the results of a recent survey conducted amongst student users. The results showed that 87% of students are satisfied with their experience with WriteCheck.

Many recipients noticed the section for sending us a brief "review" of WriteCheck -- thank you to everyone who sent us feedback! If your review is selected to be placed on WriteCheck.com, you will receive a $25 Amazon.com gift card. We will be notifying students by September via email and on this blog. Stay tuned!

To receive the WriteCheck Writing Tips & Advice newsletter, you can sign up for free. By signing up, you will also be able to see the WriteCheck dashboard and see if it might be something you'd like to try this coming Fall semester to prevent plagiarism, improve your writing, and get better grades.

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