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I’ve been inspired by a flurry of environmentally-friendly advocates who have recommended some easy-to-do back to school tips for K-12 students and college students. Many of you are already back at school and gotten started with school paper assignments. WriteCheck can help you by checking your papers for plagiarism, grammar and spelling, but it's up to you to make a difference for the planet when it comes to habits and supplies.

Here are a few green choices you can make when it comes time to writing your student papers this semester:

  1. Go electronic and get used to typing instead of writing drafts on paper. (Note: You will probably need a laptop that you can carry around with you for this.)
  2. Swap your old backpack for a solar backpack to charge your laptop with renewable energy on the go.
  3. Talk to your instructors about submitting papers online instead of printing on paper.
  4. If you are required to submit your paper on paper, buy recycled paper or encourage your school or institution to.
  5. Go for eco-friendly, non-toxic crayons, markers and paints, pencils made from recycled paper, wood or cardboard, and DBA pens (that are 98% biodegradable, made in the USA using wind power, and filled with non-toxic ink).
  6. Choose reusable supplies, like refillable pens.

Some of my favorites that are not writing related but still worth mentioning are:

  • Walk or bike to class. (National Walk to School Day is October 5th)
  • Carpool and turn off the engine while waiting (reduces carbon dioxide output and could save on gas money)
  • Reduce and eliminate excess packaging by using reusable options for lunch sacks, water bottles, and snack bags (I found a ton of options on Amazon.com. Lunchskins has some cool patterns.)
  • Suggest to your teacher or school principal to use only non-toxic, all-natural cleaners, like Seventh Generation, in the schoolrooms (and parents to give your college students green cleaning supplies for their dorm rooms)

What are you doing to be green this semester?


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