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Writing Tip #18: Avoiding plagiarism: References

The reference or cited works page is an integral aspect of a college paper. This page may be boring to assemble, but it is crucial. Created properly, the reference page can be a guard against plagiarism. References for each citation, except for personal communications, must be listed. Check your institution’s preferred formatting guidelines (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) for direction.

Don’t think that because the reference page is at the end of the paper that your professor will not check every last comma and period. The rules for references are very precise. This page is where you can lose a lot of points for mundane mistakes! Formatting style guides are available in hard copy book form.

Another way to find correct referencing information is to look online. Many universities have reputable sites for formatting guidelines. Be sure to look for scholarly sources for this information. Some online citation generators are not reliable. Learn how to correctly cite and reference in the format chosen by your institution of higher learning. I recommend buying the appropriate style guide and keeping it next to your computer.

An example of a journal article reference in APA format is:

Howard, T. (2010). Investing in real estate. The Real Estate Journal, 4(2), 123-126.


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