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Writing Tip #14 -- Make it perfect: Revising

Revising a paper is somewhat like editing, but more pronounced. Revising can mean rewriting. If your paper is not what it could be; if it does not flow, if your tone changes throughout the paper, if you have strayed from the thesis, or if the paper is organized poorly, you will want a serious rewrite. This is not a punishment! This is part of the writing process; embrace it! Sometimes, upon re-reading a paper, you will find that it does not pack the punch that you wanted or that the words simply do not convey the message you intended.

In a 1956 interview entitled “The Art of Fiction,” with The Paris Review, Ernest Hemingway claimed that he rewrote the last page of Farewell to Arms 39 times before he got the words just right! Think of revisions as a badge of honor. Give yourself a pat on the back for finding the problems. The fact that you have makes you a bona fide writer. Congrats!

For example: “The researchers found that 43 out of 70 participants suffered adverse reactions to the medication. But the pharmaceutical company went ahead and gave the medications out anyway.”

In the first sentence, the tone is academic. The second sentence is conversational in tone. It can be changed to match the academic tone: “However, the pharmaceutical company chose to market the medication despite the researchers’ findings.”


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