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Undergraduate at Montana State University uses plagiarism checker every semester to receive feedback on citations and to increase confidence in her papers that "everything is spot on" Featuring: Diann Quaranto, undergraduate at Montana State University pursuing a liberal arts degree

See why Diann takes the extra step to check her papers:

Straight “A” Student Uses Plagiarism Checker to Avoid Mistakes| Writecheck from Turnitin on Vimeo.

Read along:

K: What’s your area of study and what’s the official name of the institution and for what degree?

D: It’s a bachelor’s degree, a liberal arts degree. Montana State University at Bozeman. I just finished the first year. When you do a lot of online study programs, there’s a lot of writing.

K: Do you use WriteCheck because you wanted to improve as a writer or to ensure that you aren’t plagiarizing or you have seen plagiarism at your school? What was it that drew you to WriteCheck?

D: Well, the thing that drew me in was the plagiarism issue, and the paraphrasing check. One professor I just finished up with this past spring was huge on (avoiding) plagiarism and there were a lot of people in the class whose work was on the verge of plagiarism. So, I used WriteCheck in order to insure myself. I didn’t want to put all this work into these papers and then somebody comes back and says, “that’s plagiarized.”

K: What would you say to people who don’t think plagiarism is an issue?

D: Yes, it is an issue. I see plagiarism as an issue because everything has advanced so much, there’s so much writing out there. I honestly think it is foolish not to use a service like this. If I can be confident that everything is spot on, that’s worth the money. I don’t like plagiarism because it’s very important that people’s ideas are documented to the people that came up with those ideas. You can accidentally plagiarize. So, my point is, why wouldn’t you do the smart thing and run your papers through and check it out. The $7 was worth the peace of mind to know that that paper was 100% in my words. And believe it or not, I ran it through the system and it came back with one small error–and it just on sentence structure. No plagiarism whatsoever. And I ended up with an A.

D: I think WriteCheck is an entirely useful service, and a good value. I thought it came back with excellent feedback. By the way, I got A’s on all those papers. I just wanted to be sure (that I hadn’t made any mistakes), so that’s why I used it. Now this semester coming up, it’ll be the first place I go when I finish them (papers) up.


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