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Inevitably, at some point in your college career, you will be assigned a persuasive essay to write. If you are not naturally argumentative, tricks exist to help you give Donald Trump a run for his money. The number one piece of ammunition in your arsenal must be facts. Ethics classes teach students to never begin an argument unless they have their facts straight! How can you be convincing if you don’t have a clue what you are talking about?

Another bullet to carry through this process is the ability to lead with words; do not push. Your readers will push back. Convince them by exposing a point of shared meaning or significance. Most people agree on certain matters. Find that point for your subject and use it as a persuasive tool. For example, if you are writing about buying a new computer, a persuasive sentence could be: “No one wants to pay the retail price for a new computer, so looking for sales and online coupons is a good practice.”

Above all, exude confidence. You must sound self-assured and secure in your assertions. Arming yourself with these writing tools may ensure you a brilliant persuasive paper.


Voice and Word Choice

Writing Tip 2 - Keep it simple


Writing Skills

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