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Podcast featuring:Jennifer Premer, who received a Bachelor's in Psychology at the University of Maryland and is working on a Master's in Social Work at Arizona State, discusses the value of checking her writing for plagiarism and grammar issues before turning in her research papers.

Listen to Jennifer's story (47 seconds):

Interview Transcript:

"At one point I had to write a research paper that was based on something that I had little knowledge of.  I took a lot of my information from various sources. WriteCheck really helped me to make sure that I had cited all of my sources correctly.  Also, I did use the grammar feature.  I had misspelled two or three words, which I hadn’t caught and Microsoft Word did not catch either. WriteCheck helped me go back and fix those mistakes before I turned my paper in.

WriteCheck gave me great, quick results. I really liked that I could see a percentage of how much matched content was being recognized in my paper. WriteCheck highlighted all the places where I made a mistake, making it easy to go back into my paper and make any corrections.

Going forward I definitely think I will continue to use WriteCheck throughout my academic career."

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