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Plagiarism in the academic setting has been a growing problem over the past decade. The problem ranges from students copying Internet materials to outright buying term papers from illegal websites.  Overall, an increasing number of students have been completing their coursework the wrong way. For this reason, technologies like Turnitin have evolved over the years to detect duplicate content even as the methods of plagiarism become more advanced.

The latest advancement for plagiarizers is the utilization of language translation software.  Translation software can be an excellent tool to help international students for whom English is a second language (ESL). Ability to speak and write in English is, for the most part, a necessary component in an international academic setting, and most U.S. colleges and universities require test like TOEFL iBT® Test in order to be considered for acceptance.  Unfortunately, plagiarizers can apply such tactics to get around plagiarism detection systems that don’t have the ability to recognize translated materials.

The newest feature from Turnitin has the capacity to detect plagiarism across the boundaries of language. Right now, this new multilingual anti-plagiarism software is able to catch duplicates from Turkish, Swedish, French, Dutch, Spanish, German and Portuguese, with more languages soon to follow. This feature comes as a pure response to market demand; Turnitin had received numerous requests to make such technology available from its loyal client base.

While we can all hope that tools like this will become unnecessary; that at some point students will realize academic integrity speaks not only of their education but also of their ability to perform and be successful in future endeavors. Today, however, teachers at all levels need access to the tools that will help them safeguard the educational process and academic integrity.


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