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Sarah Allen, Master of Science in Environmental Management, University of San Francisco

Transcript Highlights:

"Completion of a Master’s project is required to graduate and my project was very large and I was using over 50 sources, most of which were academic journal articles. As I was editing my project and moving sections around, it’s really easy to get something lost or lose the source of a citation. Keeping all of that information straight and making sure it was all attributed to the proper article was really my biggest challenge."

"I had an organized system, but I really wanted to make sure that nothing had fallen through the cracks and that I had attributed all of my source material properly -- because it’s such an important academic document. It was really important to me to make sure that I had attributed everyone else’s ideas properly, as well as my own."

"WriteCheck was a huge help in verifying my citations and to make sure that I keep good academic honesty and also to make sure that my paper was as high quality as possible."

"The (WriteCheck) results were great. When I got the report back anything that I had quoted from somewhere else was highlighted. It was really easy to go through and make sure that everything was cited properly and that I hadn’t accidentally used common combinations of words that could be found elsewhere and that really everything was my own ideas or it was cited correctly."

"I would definitely use WriteCheck in the future to check my sources and make sure that I had all of my proper citations done.”

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