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Over 1,500 WriteCheck users were surveyed to assess their satisfaction with various features of the service, as well as their reasons for using WriteCheck and the likelihood that they would recommend the product to others.



One of the standout metrics from the survey was the perceived impact of WriteCheck on students’ grade performance. Overall, 52 percent of respondents said the WriteCheck service improved the grade of their paper by half a grade or more, and nearly 10 percent believed the feedback from WriteCheck boosted their grade a full two letter grades.

Regular Users

The statistics among the most frequent users of WriteCheck were equally strong. Among the most frequent users—defined as those who have used WriteCheck six or more times—60 percent said the service has improved their paper’s grade by one half of a grade or more, and 70 percent thought that WriteCheck improved their grade ¼ of a grade up to 3 grades.

Among this specific set of respondents, 68 percent reported maintaining a grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher.

Peace of Mind Users

For people who said their reason for using the service was ‘peace of mind’, 48 percent saw no difference in a grade improvement on their papers, leaving 52 percent to seeing some grade improvement.

Duplication/Self-plagiarism Users

For respondents who cited their reason for using WriteCheck as ‘duplication/self-plagiarism’, a hearty 25% said that it helped improve their results by one whole grade.

Bachelor’s Degree Candidates

Of the 576 respondents who identified themselves as Bachelor’s degree candidates, 30 percent said they saw a one grade higher improvement, and 52 percent reported an improvement of a half of a grade or higher.


When asked what the #1 reason for using WriteCheck was, among regular users, defined as those who have used WriteCheck 6-10 times, 13 percent cited their top reasons for using WriteCheck as grammatical concerns, and 26 percent for ethical concerns, namely “paraphrasing.”

While 30 percent of all users surveyed stated their main reason for using WriteCheck was “peace of mind,” the majority of those—66 percent—were repeat users. It’s possible that for some students, WriteCheck provides a routine level of assurance before submitting papers.


One of the highest-ranking features of WriteCheck was the “quality of the plagiarism check,” with 82 percent of respondents who have used WriteCheck four or more times “happy” or “very happy” with that aspect of the service. In fact, WriteCheck’s access to the same sources tapped by Turnitin was the single leading reason that 30 percent of those surveyed chose to use the product.

Eighty percent of those users were very satisfied with the product overall, and 82 percent of all of those surveyed ranked the value they got from the service as a 4 out of 5 stars on average on a 5-star rating scale.


The 1,537 respondents were mainly undergraduate or graduate students, and the majority had utilized WriteCheck more than once. The largest single respondent group comprised students ages 25-34 (25 percent). Forty-five percent of respondents were between the ages of 18 and 34, and 40 percent were between the ages of 35 and 54.


The top three degrees respondents said they were working on was: 38 percent (583) Master’s degree, followed by 37 percent (576) Bachelor’s degree, and lastly, 12 percent (184) PhD candidates.

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