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Writing Tip #22 - How to Write Like a Scholar: Academic Writing

Academic writing is unlike any other writing that you will participate in in life. It is very different from casual or even business writing. Academic writing is not difficult, and it is an excuse to show off your writing and critical thinking skills.

If you are not sure exactly what academic writing sounds or looks like, read some scholarly-written articles. They are not hard to find. Any peer-reviewed journal in any library (ground or online) will be filled with them; EBSCOhost and ProQuest are two enormous online library databases.

Read until you find yourself speaking like a scholar. This practice is much like language immersion courses. Instead of learning a new language, you are learning an upgraded version of the English language that you already know. Wow your friends and classmates with your newfound vocabulary and beautiful cadence. You may find a difference in the way you write and the grades you receive. Think like a scholar and be a scholar!

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