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Writing Tip #23: Writing For the Reader - Know Your Audience

Who will be reading your paper? Keep your audience in mind when composing a paper. If you are an expert in your subject area, and you are writing about something that an 18-year-old would understand (like how to use an iPod Touch), but your audience is a group of 60-year-olds; you will want to word yourself carefully. Explain each step in layman’s terms. If you are writing about the content of a textbook for a professor, you can usually assume that the professor has a handle on the subject matter. If you are unsure of which tact to take, take the safe rode and use details. However, if you are writing for an audience of business people and you are trying to sell them on an idea, you will want to use persuasive and positive language. Make your product or idea as enticing as possible. Writing an upbeat feature article for the college newspaper allows you to be relaxed with language and mood. Knowing and writing for your audience is imperative for writing success.


The Art of Writing an Argument Essay



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