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A well-created writing portfolio can give a prospective student or job candidate an edge over the competition. A writer can create a portfolio in print or in an electronic format. The portfolio can also be tailored for differing needs such as work or school. The writing samples included in a portfolio can come from coursework or from other documents that the author has developed for personal or professional reasons.

4 Tips for Creating a Writing Portfolio

  1. The writer should choose different types of writing samples to include. Samples to include can be well-written essays, research papers, collaborative writing projects, web content, text from a blog or a self-created website, and articles written for print or for an online newsfeed. Even examples of cover letters and resumes can be included. College entrance and scholarship essays can be especially well-written and worthy of incorporation.
  2. A cover letter for each section of the portfolio is needed. This letter should explain what the reader will be viewing and any pertinent information about each submission. Include a brief description of each writing experience. This practice brings the portfolio alive. The reader may find the content more relevant if he or she knows the creative process behind the work.
  3. The written portfolio should be created in a formal document with a title page and page numbers. The writer can add pictures or other decorative features depending on the software he or she has available. Use discretion when adding creative features, especially if the portfolio will be used for professional presentation.
  4. For electronic writing portfolios, the creator can use a word document that can be attached to an email. A writing portfolio embedded in a website can be very creative. A link to the website can be included in an email or on a resume or other document. Many website building sites are available. Some are free and offer reasonable upgrades. These sites help the creator build and will host a professional-looking website with relative ease.

Showcasing your writing ability is important for academic and professional success. Choosing the correct portfolio format and content is important. The development of a writing portfolio can be fun and rewarding, and it can be a positive step in one’s academic and professional growth.

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