Why Students Use WriteCheck Plagiarism Checker

Nearly one million students have registered for WriteCheck. Here are some of the top reasons why:

  • Improve their writing
  • Peace of mind by avoiding accidental plagiarism
  • A final grammar check
  • English-as-a-second language students
  • Vet group assignments
  • Ensure correct citations

Tell us about your experience with WriteCheck!


WriteCheck is an extremely useful service! I will undoubtedly continue checking my papers through it rather than a free plagiarism checker due to the vital grammar checking features and great explanations. WriteCheck is even better than a private tutor and much cheaper. Thank you, WriteCheck.
Gregory, Milnes School

Instructor Endorsements

WriteCheck and Turnitin help teach students how to cite and give attribution, and they reinforce my primary message that it is not acceptable to copy and paste from the Internet except in the case of appropriate, attributed quotes. I like offering an online service that makes the correction of unintentional errors primarily the student’s responsibility. This kind of ownership makes them grow as writers.
Peter Stephens, Ninth Grade English and AP Language and Composition Stone Bridge High School
Programs such as Turnitin and WriteCheck are extremely helpful to students, especially those without easy access to a writing center. Students learn how to become better writers by writing and rewriting papers. WriteCheck and Turnitin provide helpful information to students to guide them through the paper revision process and develop written communication skills which are essential to success in school and in the workplace.
Amy M. Hall, RN, PhD, CNE Chair and White Family Endowed Professor of Nursing Dunigan Family Department of Nursing and Health Sciences University of Evansville

Student Testimonials

Improving Your Writing

WriteCheck has been a very useful tool for me. I have become a better writer and a more creditable writer through WriteCheck.
Amy, Oklahoma State University
It flagged my passive voice and I thought the explanation of what it was and how to improve was excellent. It also flagged “errors” that weren’t BUT I’d rather decide on my own to ignore the error than not be warned about the error.
Terry, Grad Student, Austin Peay State University
It was great to check my essay. WriteCheck found some grammatical errors. Also, it is very helpful to check for plagiarism.
Anna, UMUC Maryland

A Final Check

I think the speed of WriteCheck is phenomenal. I have used it for several papers and have never had a problem, but it gives me that extra confidence prior to sending the paper to my professor!
Kelly, Jacksonville University
I love your service that you offer. Getting caught for plagiarism is a big deal so I like to always make sure I am covered. Thank you!
Cynthia, University of California, San Diego
The plagiarism detection was incredible! And I was shocked by how quickly the results were returned.
Christina, London School of Economics & Political Science

Peace of Mind

WriteCheck is a great way for students to feel rest assured about handing in a near flawless report. Thanks!
Omkar, University of Edinburgh
Before turning in papers to my teachers and professors, I simply do a final checkup for any unintentional plagiarism. Now I can submit my work with confidence and no concern, knowing it was purely original. Thank you, WriteCheck, for allowing me to write freely without fear!
The functionality of the programme is impressive, helpful and gives me relief from stressing about not writing things in my own words sufficiently enough.
Matt, University of Canterbury

English as Second Language

As English is not my first language, I really struggle to write articles. My major concern is how to avoid plagiarism because sometimes I don’t realize the way I write or cite is incorrect. I heard about Turnitin as the software to prevent plagiarism. Unfortunately it’s limited to be used by the lecturer on campus. I searched the Internet and found the Turnitin website with an interesting service called WriteCheck. I registered with WriteCheck and started using the service, which was excellent and made me feel more confident with submitting my articles. Furthermore, the tips I found on the WriteCheck site for how to prevent plagiarism were very useful and I will keep using your services indeed.
Azizah, University of Strathclyde
I have used WriteCheck for more than one year and I am very satisfied with this product.
Junliang, University of Virginia
I found WriteCheck a very useful tool to check the quality of my papers in terms of plagiarism and grammar.
Hamouz, UPM University
This is a wonderful tool and I believe that it is truly useful to students. It allows us to catch mistakes before it goes in for a final review.
Ashley, Lindsey Wilson College
WriteCheck takes a lot of the weight off anybody who’s writing. It’s a good tool to take away some of that stress and to really give credit to the people that have done the work. Anyone who is writing professionally should use something like this.
Karen Wall

Group Assignments

I’m very satisfied with my experience with WriteCheck. I believe it is a great tool that works for individual and team assignments. On individual assignments it provides the opportunity to pre-check for unintentional similarities and missing citations. On team assignments, it serves as a tool to identify team members who may not have submitted original ideas, and thus, avoiding team penalization. In summary, WriteCheck is a great tool that works fast and easily.
WriteCheck by Turnitin helped me to see where my mistakes were. It was like a light bulb came on, and I knew how to read a paragraph or statement and not use any of the author’s work or his words or their words, but use my own and have my own identity in my writing.
Teresa M.
I love the service that you guys provide to students. Sometimes, plagiarizing is not intentional, so it’s always good to check papers beforehand. Thank you for creating it.
Lueda, University of Western Ontario
It gave me peace of mind before turning in my paper, specially because English is not my first language.
Even if it’s accidental on your part, your instructor or the institution might not realize or see that it’s actually accidental. It’s better just to be safe than sorry. It’s better to go ahead and check, make sure you’re not plagiarizing, than to just go with it and then get caught and have your whole college career go down the drain.
Denise Barnes

Correct Citations

I had finals this past week and to tell the truth my writing was better than I expected. In fact, I only used 2 credits and it basically revealed site citations errors, which really did help as I didn’t know which ones were wrong. Thanks! Not only will I use the program again, but I will tell everyone in my classes to use it.
I was a little concerned that I had some accidental plagiarism in an essay of mine. I was pleased with the informative results… I’ll be recommending it to my fellow students, and I know my lecturers are already using Turnitin.
Nicole, University of Canterbury
It’s a very useful service and easy to interpret results showing which sections of a paper appear to be unoriginal and that the writer should verify as properly cited, summarized or paraphrased.
Bobby, UCL
Using WriteCheck gave me a piece of mind before turning in my work. Thanks!
McKinley, American Military University (Louisiana State Police)
I love using WriteCheck because then I have peace of mind knowing that I did not accidentally plagiarize.
Sherry C., Argosy University Online